Basically back in May I spent a month living the dream, here is the original Passions post:

I'll make this quick. After college in 2010 I spent four months on the road. I traveled throughout the American west. I worked on farms, drank beer, explored, and most importantly: mountain biked. After that trip I had hit: Arkansas, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Idaho, Oregon, and Wyoming.

I moved back to my home in New England, continued to be a riding/climbing/hiking/drinking bum. Then finally found a "real job" out on Cape Cod in 2012. I fell in love with the ocean, a girl, and sort of hated my job. I was able to explore more of New England but its important to break away from your roots to grow a little. I always knew I'd leave, just not where to.

Fast forward to April 2015 and I was on my way to quitting for a new job in Charlotte, NC. A place I never once thought about living. Which made it a no brainer, step outside your comfort zone. I knew the Southeast had a lot to offer, so I took the plunge. Not only was I excited for the Southeast and the epic riding, renewing my climbing passion, and maybe getting into whitewater; I was taking a better job doing something I think I'd like (stream restoration).

Naturally I longed for the days after college when I slept beside the car tucked under bushes and explored the wilds on this fine land. So a trip began to form. Below you'll find a rough try at a blog to put that trip into words (and some pictures).

I hit many iconic riding areas and some out of the way ones. I met lots of people on and off the trail. I shredded red clay, drank southern beer, and smiled a whole ton.

I'm now in Charlotte (actually I'm in Cherokee for work, and I did ride Tsali, and I will write it up). I'm loving the city, the local beers, and the culture. I can admit I won't be here forever, but for now its right.

If I have any advice its get out and explore, learn about yourself, and have fun. In today's mountain bike culture of newer parts, better bikes, and knocking on trails all I can is: as long as I'm peddling in the woods I'm doing pretty damn good.

Read this damn blog!