• 01-31-2019
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    Family Trip to the UK -Plan to Mt. Bike a bit...
    Wife and I are planning to take our (3) kids to the UK in May. We are planning the 3rd week of May (which is coming up quick).

    Thinking 2-3 days in London, 2-3 days in Cotswolds and then another 2-3 days in Edinburgh, Scotland. 9-10 day total trip.

    We have NEVER taken kids to Europe, so plenty of firsts here.

    My son (19) and I are fairly strong riders. We live and ride in western NC so used to techy climbing, chunk, wet rocks, roots, etc. We are thinking of renting bikes and riding (1) day, perhaps (2) depending how the logistics work out. We'd love to do an (epic) 5-6 hour beat down.

    Where should we ride in England or UK? I was watching a video by BKXC (you tube) and he was riding in Snowdon area. It appears to be a great area with plenty of local bike shops, trails, etc. Where are the best or hottest riding areas within the country?

    We are looking for good single track, scenery, good food and a memorable experience. I know this is kinda wide open, but any thoughts or comments would be greatly appreciated. If it's worthwhile, we might be willing to rent bikes along with a guide to take us out. Thanks in advance for your insight! Cheers!
  • 01-31-2019
    Iím not sure how you would schedule these venues in, you would need a car.

    Surrey Hills is a mecca for English Trail riding, but you would need a guide. You could contact Pedal and Spoke who will give guided tours. This is close to London.

    Afan. South Wales. Simply superb. If you want a 4 to 5 hour ride, then the trail W2 would fit the bill very well.

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  • 06-17-2019
    You had a good itinerary but I think you would have to need a car in order to visit all the places. I also noticed you are going with your kids. I've read some cool tips on how to travel with kids. It's a good read. Maybe it can make your travel become more fun!