My husband and I are planning to drive from Edmonton, Alberta to the Tahoe Trail 100 race in Northstar, California. I've created a VERY loose agenda of places we can stop and ride/explore on the way there and back. I would love trail recommendations for the places listed below AND/OR alternate suggestions. We are road riders who are new to mountain biking but have a few years experience cyclocross racing and are comfortable with our bike handling. Not looking for overly technical places to ride. We're not afraid of long climbs either!

First draft of the trip. We would drive south through Montana, Idaho and Nevada. On the way home we would travel north through California, Oregon, Washington and BC.

Day 1-Drive 8 hours to Helena
Day 2/3 - ride in Helena/Bozeman area
Day 4-Drive 12 hours to Reno
Day 5/6/7 - ride in Reno/Northstar area
Day 8 - Tahoe Trail 100
Day 9 - Recover in Reno/Northstar area
Day 10-Drive 12 hours to Seattle
Day 11 - Ride in Seattle
Day 12 - 4.5 hour drive to Whistler. Afternoon exploring.
Day 13/14 - Ride in Whistler
Day 15 - Drive home

Thank you for your help!