• 01-14-2020
    Destination in May. Difficulty: not Moab
    Looking for somewhere to camp and ride for at least a few nights in mid May. Were coming from Telluride, and are looking for a change of scenery from Moab/Durango area, if anyone has any ideas for a spot preferably within 12 hrs drive from SW CO, farther out if its worth it.

    Weve done a couple trips through AZ and SoCal with mixed results, mostly due to driving more than biking. Itd be nice to head out with a solid destination for a bit of an extended stay to avoid the scouting aspect. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  • 01-15-2020
    One of my favorite places is Salida, CO. Awesome trails that are well marked, great town, and Mt. Princeton hot springs not too far away for after the rides.
  • 01-15-2020
    Bentonville AR. Right at your hour limit though, maybe a bit more. No scouting required. Well worth the trip IMO. Gotta fend off the ticks that time of year, but May isn't too steamy yet humiditywise.
  • 01-15-2020
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    Prescott / Sedona, AZ
    St. George / Hurricane, UT
    Fruita / GJ, CO

    Any of these options have more than enough riding for a few days, and have a wide variety of trail difficulty and type as well.

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  • 01-18-2020
    I think San Luis Obispo, CA is a great destination and would be a nice change of scenery. Montana de Oro state park has good riding and great views and looking at the ocean during a ride is pretty cool. Very good riding available from downtown SLO is an option as well. Exceptional food and drink in the area (lots of restaurants for such a small city). Central coast CA definitely has a more laid back vibe compared to the big cities. Hmm just did google maps and it's three hours over your max. Well I still think it should be worth considering. Good luck!
  • 01-26-2020
    Hurricane is the 1st option I thought of because of the amazing, free camping aspect on Gooseberry Mesa. You can ride right from camp but many people call it "'mini Moab" so I don't know how different it would be.

    Sedona would be different because it's pretty much different than everyplace else on the planet. It definitely has amazing riding BUT camping options are limited.