Chatel or lake Garda?

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  • 06-29-2015
    The Giant Yeti Girl
    Chatel or lake Garda?
    Hello riders,

    I am an intermediate rider planning my first European MTB trip. I have been offered two very good packages to Chatel in the French/Swiss border and in lake Garda Italy.

    I am a solo traveler and both places seem to accommodate for single riders. I am a bit perplexed at which destination to pick as they are both wonderful. I know I am comparing organges to bananas but worth asking in case someone has been to both places and has some recommendations.

  • 07-16-2015
    Hi Yeti Girl,

    We are also off to lake Garda at the start of August, its our first time abroad with our bikes. let us know what you decide?

  • 10-05-2015
    let's mtb
    Hi GYG,

    If you are still trying to decide which location, it might be worth you looking at weather data for both areas. We live in the UK and have travelled to various places in the European Alps and Italian Dolomites (including Trentino area just to the North of Lake Garda). Personally, if you're into big mountain stuff, Chatel is great, although the trails at Garda are also superb. IME though, the weather tends to be much more reliable around Garda and general Dolomites area than the main French/Swiss/Austrian Alps. Last time we went to Eastern Dolomites (2 weeks in Sept p just gone), there were loads of Swiss riders staying at the hotel - who were there to escape the c**p weather in Switzerland!
  • 10-08-2015
    Either should be great. As stated, weather at altitude is extremely important.

    Make sure you know exactly where the trails are. Last time we went riding at Lake Garda, we had a hell of a time finding the trail heads.