• 06-13-2016
    Camping Just Got Alot Nicer
    Going to pick this up this weekend. I have been wanting a small camper to pull behind my truck and Rubicon. The main focus was on mileage and weight and having an A/C to sleep in at night based on the Texas heat (or heat anywhere for that matter). I designed my truck around being able to haul bikes and a camper, so this should work nicely behind the eco-diesel for long trips and behind the jeep if I wanna do some jeeping as well as mtb'n. And with the rack, my Yak gets to go too.

    Runaway Camper

    Truck setup

  • 07-20-2016
    Cool !
    I camp year-around in FL and A/C is crucial for those hot summer nights.
  • 07-28-2019
    nice, what brand is it