• 06-30-2016
    Bike trails with lifts to the top??? :)
    Ok guys, as the topic probably may have led you to believe, I may be a bit of a lazy mountain biker. While I am working on my endurance, I would love to find a place to go to this summer that possibly has lifts to the top, so that I can enjoy my bike from a different place :). I live in the midwest (Indiana), so something towards WV, down in the Tennessee area, or towards Missouri would be great! Anyways, I know I am probably going to catch shit for this question, but figured I would at least ask… So, thanks guys…
  • 06-30-2016
    What you are referring to is known as a bike park :D:D:D. Many here ride at bike parks, myself included, it is not taboo . . . and its generally not 'easy' either, or it a mark of laziness (unless you're just hitting greens all day).

    This is a good list, and when you've narrowed it down, ask for advice on specific parks in the respective regional forum for WV/Tennessee / etc. , or in the Downhill/Free-ride forum.
  • 07-28-2016
    I'd highly recommend Snowshoe for you. You'll have to drive a fair bit regardless, so might as well go for the biggest one. They have a lot of trails, a lot of variety at every difficulty level, and a lot of vertical. There's plenty to keep you going there for a few days.

    Just be warned, it isn't like riding normal mountain bike trails but without having to climb. Downhill/bike park riding is whole side of the sport. You'll work on different skills, and it'll absolutely make you a better all-around rider.