• 01-17-2017
    Best trails within 45min of Newport Beach California
    Hey guys I'm visiting a friend in Newport Beach on February 24 for a week. Were planning on doing some mountain biking. Were both renting for the day but we have mountain bike experience. Iv been looking at the San Juan Lollipop trail. Looks like an absolute blast. I just don't like the idea of no cell coverage seeing as how I have never biked in California and don't know the area. What trails do you guys recommend? Any info helps Thanks!
  • 08-17-2017
    I know this is an older thread, but given that there are pretty much no replies, I wanted to leave a link to a blog I have just written about this subject. Hopefully it will help someone else in the future:)

    17 bike rides with an ocean view in the U.S./