• 08-14-2016
    Asheville/Pisgah vacation ideas
    Looking to take a 3-5 day vacation to the Asheville area mid September with the wife. Looking for recommendations on things to do mtb related and not mtb related.

    The wife is pretty new to MTB'ing so some mellow trails will need to be on order for her, I'd like to hit some big climbs with a small 'getting lost' factor.

    Any ideas welcome, I saw the railroad tours and those look pretty cool. Also, not nailed down to Asheville so anything in the area will work.

  • 08-15-2016
    I don't live there, but I have ridden there more than a few times and since you haven't gotten any responses yet from the locals, I thought I would chime in. The Bent Creek area are the most beginner friendly trails. Check out the Green's Lick loop for a fun ride. Not what I would call beginner trail, but may be a ride you both can do. Dupont State Forest is another area that relatively easier but still fun trails can be found. This is also a great place to hike and view some nice waterfalls. For your rides you want to climb and "get lost", just about any other part of Pisgah NF will fit that bill. Just look on MTB Project to find a ride that looks good to you. For a non-mtb activity, the Biltmore is probably the most well-known tourist attraction.
  • 08-15-2016
    Not sure how much riding versus other stuff you were planning on but if you were only going to ride 2 or so days you could look at staying in the Smoky Mountains in Gatlinburg, TN and drive the 2 hours to Pisgah. I would also recommend checking out the Tsali trails. They are about an 1h 45m away from Gatlinburg and are amazing trails (fast and flowy, not too technical).
  • 08-15-2016
    I'd peruse the forum for North/South Carolina as well. :thumbsup:
  • 08-16-2016
    Thanks for the replies! Looks like we're staying close to Bent Creek so we'll definitely check that out. Also, I'll check that subforum, didn't even think of that!
  • 08-19-2016
    The area is known for
    Whitewater kayaking
    Fly fishing
    Waterfall hikes
    Foodie scene
    Growing beer scene
    Live music

    What did I miss?

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