• 02-09-2020
    allegiantt airway bike transport
    Hi all

    Nashville looks to have a nice trails and is a cheap direct flight for me on allegiant airway plus I want to visit there for food and music etc.

    Anyone take their bike on allegiant airway? How well did that workout.


  • 02-24-2020

    Originally Posted by scycllerist View Post
    Nashville looks to have a nice trails....


    I live in Knoxville and Iíve ridden a few places in Nashville. Expand your horizons. Lots of people make weekend trips from Nashburg to Knoxvegas but not the other way around. And Allegiant flies to Knoxvillewith some crazy cheap fares. But I canít help you with their bike transport policies and fees. While our town is vibrant we sure canít match their nightlife and music scene. But trails? Theyíre not in our league at all.
  • 02-24-2020
    Another note about Knoxville - you're about the same distance as from Nashville to Big South Fork and Chattanooga from either city, but you're also just as close to Pisgah from K-Town. You didn't say what kind of riding you like, but Windrock has World Class DH less than an hour away as well.

    I don't want to totally bash Nashville. Lock4 and Percy Warner are nice, but you'll be repeating trails to get in a full ride, and I wouldn't call those trails travel destinations.