Ok, so those of you that don't know, the Wydaho Rendezvous is held annually inteton Valley, Idaho. It is a pure TVTAP fundraiser for trail development and maintenance in Teton Valley.
This year it is at Grand Targhee resort. It is labor day weekend, and will feature all of the stuff that great festivals have...
Group rides
All day lift served insanity
Trials exhibitions

and best of all, it is becoming a one stop mini-consumer demo festival.
Demo fleets will be on hand from
Rocky Mountain
Santa Cruz

Entry is $55 lousy bucks.
This alone should be enough. pretty ridiculous.
You should be able to ride any bike you want...a few times.
This includes lifts.
the races, clinics, raffles, etc will be A la Carte/
(you get some raffle tickets with registration)
T shirts, a few Snake River Beers every day, t-shirt, and a very good swag bag will be included.

Free group rides all over the valley, from the Pass to the Big Holes, everywhere.
DH clinics with Shaums March, and trials, beginners, women, and advanced clinics will be available.

Camping is at targhee, so literally roll to the lifts!

This entire thing is a 100% volunteer fundraiser for TVTAP, in order to develop and maintain trails.

There will be two new major trails at Targhee debuting for the race, including a flow trail and (i believe) a new DH.

Andy and Harlan have been working like crazy up there. it's getting nuts, trail wise.
Feel free to ask any questions, i"ll do my best to answer.


Here is a teaser user video of 38 special, which debuted last fall...(slow time waster)

This is how we do it.