• 03-27-2009
    Blue Dogma
    Yet another crappy weekend in Moab
    :thumbsup: Just kidding!

    We started off riding Mack Ridge in Fruita. Overlooking the Colorado River.

    Going for a little extra credit.

    Day 2 was one of the best rides I've ever done: Gold Rim to Portal.

    Showing the 4x4ers how it's done!

    The long grunt to the rim.

    My favorite pic from the weekend:

    There were a couple of features near the rim, but this was the scariest despite being easy.

    We rode everything on Portal except one spot. Maybe Fred should have walked this one?

    In retrospect we were hanging it out a bit.

    Now comes the fun part...

    A little extra credit...

    And finally the beauty that is Wall Street.

    The last day we took the shuttle and rode LPS down.

    This is at the creek crossing, near the end of the trail.

    All in all, it was one of the best trips to Moab! Hope you liked the pics.
  • 03-27-2009
    Great pics. Fun rides no doubt.
  • 03-27-2009
    El Salt
    Yikes! That stuff at the rim.
  • 03-27-2009
    Wyo Mountain Goat
    Ciclistas con cojones!
    ¿Dónde está el miedo? ¿Donde se paracaídas?