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    XC Tires for Wasatch / Moab

    Not a Utah native, so looking for some suggestions on good tires to run on a light XC build. I'll be running them on notubes ztr355 wheels. Also, please let me know what sizes would be best for front/back. Thanks!

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    The wasatch and Moab have almost nothing in common

    Riding xc in the wasach front means 1 thing. Hours and Hours of climbing. Light is right for that. My fav tires for this area are
    1. Kenda Karma. 450 Grams and big flat knobs that roll super fast. A little sketchy up front on the downhill's however, and the condom thin sidewalls are easily converted to confetti by the dullest of sharp rocks. Fastest climbing tire I have ever ridden.
    2. Specialized Fast Track. The S-works version of these tires is sub 500 grams, but does not roll as fast as the Kenda, however it hooks up worlds better. I like to run this tire on the front and a Karma on the back. I also use the pro version for better flat resistance. They are a little heavier, but resist sidewall tears much better. When I put a fast track on the back I always use the pro. I never tear sidewalls on a front so I opt for the lighter s-works up there.
    3. Specialized Captain. Probably my all around favorite tire. Slower rolling then the other 2 mentioned, but actually hooks-up when you head downhill. You can attack turns agressibly with these, and lean into them with confidence. Same as the Fast Track in that the S-works is lighter but more flat prone, and the Pro is heavier but more durable. this is probably the only tire listed that I would use in Moab.
    There is not as much climbing in moab so weight is not as big of a deal, and there are thousands more and bigger rocks as well as sand. I don't ride there much so maybe someone else can chime in with what they like for moab.
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    Last time I rode in Utah my bike was equipped with Continental Twister tires 450 grams and 26x1.9. Light, fast and tough! They are no longer made, though, so I'll be getting some Continental Speed Kings next. about 500 grams and in 26x2.1

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    A little heavy but m favorite 26er tire of all time is the WTB Moto Raptor which is a smallish 2.4 that feels more like a 2.3. I got down to Moab and noticed that my fav Wasatch Tire also happens to be on about every other bike down there as well.. Hope it helps!

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