So i'm headed out Utah way tommorow. I go to to check in for my flight on-line, I click "Check in" and in big red letters it comes up Flight Cancelled. I'm thinking here we go time for me to blow a gasket.

I call the 800 number and some lady who can barely speak english says, no it's not cancelled, I say...Well it says so on-line. Oh, she says maybe my system is not updated. She gives me a number at my local airport to call...ok. I call the number and it turns out to be the emergency services dispatch center for the fire and police at the dog is now hiding in the corner because of my tone and language.

To make a long story short my flight goes from NH to Cincinnati then I change planes. The flight number then continues on to Orlando, I jump off and go to SLC. The flight from Cinci to Orlando is cancelled due to the hurricane.

I still have some worries but will be happy to board the plane in the morning and even happier to touch ground in Saint George in the afternoon.