• 04-08-2009
    Worth bringing the bike to Utah County this weekend???

    I'll be heading up north from St George to Pleasant Grove this weekend , wondering if it's worth bringing the bike or is everything still snowed in??

    Any trails that people suggest. I've read Utah Mountain bikings trails and would love to get up AF canyon but figure it's still snowed in.
  • 04-09-2009
    It's raining now, and snowing higher up.... you could always bring it but I wouldn't think anything above 5 to 6k will be rideable. At this point I'd say it's going to be anybody's guess as to if the lower elevation stuff is rideable.
  • 04-09-2009
    American Fork Canyon is definately still snowed in. Probably will be until mid May / early June with all the snow we've had.

    For this weekend, your options are probably Lambert Park and the BST between Pleasant Grove and the Orem water tower, and possibly from the Orem water tower East into Provo Canyon.

    It's raining today and forecast to rain again Saturday, so whether or not the trails are too muddy to ride remains to be seen.