Hey everyone,

I'm going up to moab with a couple friends this weekend, and we are planning on riding Porcupine Rim at the very least. We're broke college students, and the cost of gas/food/camping/shuttling is starting to add up. Any tips to save money on a trip to Moab? Gas is what it is, and we'll be stocking up at costco or something for food, so the only places left to try and save a few bucks are at the camp site and with the shuttle. Any chance that one of you would perhaps be up for sharing a camp site (there are only 3 of us) or maybe pairing up for shuttling as to avoid the $10/person that it costs to shuttle Porc Rim through a bike shop?

If it makes a difference, my two buddies are relatively new to mountain biking, so we wouldn't be riding at a terribly fast pace, and none of us have been to Moab before.