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    Wheeler Canyon -> Talyor Canyon / Beus Canyon (Shuttle)

    Today I rode from Wheeler up to somewhere in Snowbasin. I had no clue where I was (moved here in December, still working out the riding) and so I turned around. The link below shows my Strava ride.

    Anyway, looking more closely at Strava, it looks like I could have made it to the top of Mt Ogden. Then looking at it, I realize if a buddy and mine rode this together, we may be able to shuttle. Start at Wheeler end at either Beus or Taylor.

    Question: which canyon is a better DH run? Sound do-able?


    PS: Utahmountainbiking is down right now, but my username there is engineer1984

    Link (Not sure if it will work):
    Wheeler, green pond, etc on Strava

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    My guess is it would be super-steep, boulders everywhere, and not much fun. Not sure about Taylor but Beus anyway. Do it and report back

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    Yeah, the contour lines look better for Taylor Canyon via Maylans. I haven't hiked either one all the way to the top. I hiked Taylor for a few miles. I've only gone DH on Beus from the BST.

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    I rode up from UT39 the 1 1/2 miles to one of the trails then went up another 1/2 mile or so - all climb. The ride down was fun.
    I don't use Strava. Don't need an application to tell me I am slow because I already know.

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