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    Whats goosberry like right now?

    I have been told that BLM is closing it down this week....what's going on? I'm hearing road closures because of mud and everything else. Are they griping about the mud from the riders? If this is the case, too bad. We need something to do. Don't know about you, but I can't do the trainer too much more. I know the white trail will be closed since the snow will melt this weekend. But they have done that before. We have morons up here trying to ride AF canyon. Mark my words...the more we ride when we should not be is only going to fuel the feds to hammer us and single us out and cause trails like goosberry to be closed.

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    I haven't heard anything about closures but really the goose is still covered in 5 inches of snow @ least and what isn't, has thawed enough to be 5 inches of muck! Early monday morning I drove my 4runner up the hill from the rockville side and honestly there was at least 6 inches covering everything. It was easy to get there frozen but thawed?!?!?! The road was even completely covered in snow other than the flats between the steeps on crybaby hill.
    I spent the last 2 days on guac trying to help a friend get his truck out of the mud and even guac has a blanket of snow covering EVERYTHING. I barely got off the mesa @ dark last night with all the right gear. I honestly think it would take a serious 4x4, chains and some MAD SKILLS to even drive the road to get to the bathrooms at the goose unless it's frozen. Thus pedaling could be done early but it sure would be a circus.

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