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    What trails in Moab for my new Spec enduro

    Just got back into mtn biking and got a new Specialized enduro.
    We are headed to Moab for labor day to go four wheeling with the TJ and I would like to do at least one or two quick trails with my new bike but have no idea where to go.
    Must be kinda quick ( two hours max or less ), I like downhill and technical stuff but not expert level, would prefer if it was close to town so I can go ride in the morning before the family gets up and gets going.

    Any suggestion would be great, thanks.

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    Up and down Amasaback/cap'n Ahab, if you can take the car for a few hours.
    Otherwise...eh...pipeline? (More XC ish)
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    Hmmm, Deadman's Ridge? Sovereign?

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    Go hit Slickrock. Ride as far out as you want, or for as long as you can for a little less than half of your allotted time limit, then turn around and head back when you need to. The first half is generally more downhill than up which is why I say a little less than half of your time. The whole lolly pop loop can be done in 2 hours or less, but doubtful for someone who just got back into mt biking... or by me... or by most "normal" ppl. I'd plan for more like 3 hours if you want to try and do the whole thing. It's only a few minutes from town to the trailhead.

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    +1 for slick rock. The other trails take a while to get to. I like Klondike Bluff, but it's 16 miles north of Moab. (ie a bit of a drive)

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    Moab Brand Trails are real close to town. We bored quickly with the Circle O portion. If I rememeber correctly the more techinical stuff was on Deadmans Ridge, Killer B, Longbranch have some challenges but not expert level.
    Moab Brand Trails

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    i highly recomend doing porcupine rim. i know its a bit more time than you would like to spend, but you won't regret it. especially since you mentioned you liked dh/tech. thats where my avitar pic was taken. if you can swing it the whole enchilada is great, but thats a lot more time.
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    Lower Amasa Back + Lower Captain Ahab can be ridden from most anywhere in town in 2 hours or less if you pedal up Amasa to the Lower Ahab Connector.
    More time will be needed if you pedal all the way up Amasa and add in Upper Ahab.
    Figure an hour or so for the pedal to and from the trail head(depending on where you are in town) and an hour or less for the lower loop on the trail itself.
    If you can drive to the trail you can do all of the Amasa and Upper Ahab loop and be back in town in 2-2.5 hours.
    Amasa has an interesting drop in from the road-it's easy or tricky depending on line choice. The climbing on Amasa Back is fun and engaging. The climbing on Upper Ahab may come as a surprise, there's more climbing than you'd think. The descending on Ahab is fun and the scenery and trail routing is awesome. Everything can be rolled so many people can maintain speed confidently the first time down.
    Pipedream is another out and back or loop option in town-semi techy xc pedaling.
    If you can grab a vehicle, then the Bar M trails have a good mix of mellow xc and intermediate tech.
    Slickrock was the thing to do back in the 80's and 90's before people discovered singletrack and realized that mountain biking could be fun. It's cool to do for the novelty if you haven't done it before.

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    Thanks for all the suggestions, I will grab a map when I get there and go have fun.

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