Weather in Mid-March?-
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    Weather in Mid-March?

    Going to Slickrock\Moab are in Mid-March. Some people are saying it will be too snowy, others say only porcipine will have snow on it. How is the riding in that area during that time?


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    According to the average high in mid-March is about 61 degrees. Looks like it gets cold at night but pretty decent during the day. I talked to a local there last week who said that often it's better earlier in March than late, since sometimes the winds pick up later in the month. I'm going in mid-March too, so I hope it's nice. The person I spoke to said that I might see a little weather while there, but that it would probably be fine. She said they really ride year-round in Moab.

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    Our team went down there last year in mid march (and plan to again this year) and it was pretty crappy, evidentally one of the worst years they've had. It was probably 10-15 degrees below normal temps and wet. A little below freezing at night. From what I was told there was snow on porcupine and it was not all rideable.

    So far the forecase for them for the next 10 days looks about the same, mid 40's and wet, maybe just breaking 50 the first week of march.

    Hopefully, by mid march it will be a little better, we plan on being there the third week in march. I'm not sure I want to drive 20 hours to ride in 40 degree wet weather, I can do that here. I'd probalby just keep heading south till I got somewhere warmer. Riding probably wouldn't be as good, but I can't see spending spring break cold and wet.


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    I think it is very hard to say. I went to Moab on Valentine's Day weekend and I was able to ride an entirely dry Slickrock, Hurrah Pass, Kane Creek Rd and Amasa Back. But if you look at the weather it does snow about once a week there now. Snow will be around in the shaded areas..north-facing, high elevation, and/or in narrow canyons.

    Obviously the slick rock will mostly be dry as it heats up quickly. The dirt singeltrack will be a bit slower to dry out. I think if you stick to mostly open, south-facing trails you will be just fine.

    On Feb 14, it was 18 in the morning and 41 as a high temp, and I wa still sweating after huffing up Jacob's Ladder.

    But then again I live in breckenridge where anything over 40 seems nice!

    I too am thinking about going back down there 3/6-3/8 and.or 3/13-3/15.

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    Colder than usual winter in Moab

    Since the Christmas holidays, the locals have said that January and February thus far have been way colder than normal. Many days the temp struggled to get out of the 30s. Although it hasn't snowed much, the snow is taking a while to melt in some areas.

    Fruita is even worse, as it is a bit higher in elevation and a tad further north. When I was driving by the kokopelli area on I-70, I was amazed to see several inches of snow everywhere, but I think Fruita has since dried out by the river. The Bookcliffs are still very muddy and not yet ready.

    Moab should be fun. Just bring your road bike too, and you will defintiely have something to ride.

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    Realistically rain is the worst you’re going to see with cooler than average temps. Porcupine is still a question mark. Call ahead to one of the local shops and they can give you the scoop.

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