Wasatch trail conditions

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  • 10-16-2008
    Wasatch trail conditions
    What's the word on upper elevation trails after our little snow event last week? I'm guessing PC Mid Mountain is clear, as well as Flying Dog/Glenwild. Am I crazy to think the Crest is clear and not muddy? Can you ride up to the Shadow Lake area in PC?

    Hmm...maybe I have lost the plot..those pics of Dog Lake sure look pretty snowy.

    lots of questions...thanks for any info
  • 10-16-2008
    Not sure about Mid MTn, but FD/Glenwild looked like it didnt get any snow at all (I was there on Sunday PM). I would imagine Crest isnt rideable.
  • 10-16-2008
    I just rode spin cycle in DV and most the shaded, North facing parts were snow covered. I was surprised as it's been warm for the last couple days. Elevation of this trail is all less than 8,000ft. It wasn't deep and was easily rideable. MM shouldn't be a problem, but expect snow.
  • 10-17-2008
    Thanks all. Decided to head to Fruita for weekend instead. I hate fighting the snow/mud line. Hopefully it will continue to melt, and be good for another week...maybe...at least the low stuff in PC/DV and Glenwild.
  • 10-19-2008
    Rode MM in Park City yesterday, tacky and nice. Anyone get on crest?
  • 10-20-2008
    got on the crest today and for the most part it was dry, (few spots of uber gooey mud) but nothing that was to bad, i think it maybe my last ride of the season since its suppose to get cold over the next 24 hours


    happy trails
  • 10-22-2008
    Crest through Mill D is fine
    Rode it on Sunday, from above Guardsmens, that Lookout Peak area facing Heber. A few muddy spots but there hasn't been any rain/snow since Sunday. Mill D was great. Mid day the temps should be fine this weekend. One guy went UP Murdock, along the Crest and he reported it fine. Course it might be 80 in St. Geo this weekend..
  • 10-25-2008
    rode Crest to MIll D today and it was sweeeeeet! Dirt is very good and no snow or mud. If you want to ride it, now is the time.
  • 10-25-2008
    My biking buddy Brian did a first lap /Crest/Mill D and started at 9am from the top, a bit nippy. He was so excited he did another lap with us on the late shift at 11am. Trail is rock solid, great to see golden leaves fluttering in the skies. Might hold til a weather bump around Thursday..
  • 10-28-2008
    Rode from Solitude to Crest trailhead and down to Mill D - perfect conditions.

    Today I did Mill D to Dog Lake, down to Millcreek and back to Mill D - again - great.