• 10-28-2008
    Wanna try "Queen Bess" in Solitude?

    just found this new freeride/downhill race trail just finished. its fast, flowy with rolling styles and alot of bermed/banked fall away turns.

    it looks alot like some whistler trails. no rocks, but some rolling jumps and it not buff. you really can sink your tires into the turns on this trails moto style.

    you need to walk up about 1/4 mile hill or ride if you got a granny gear.

    thinking about going tomorrow(wed.) or the next day with my downhill beast. anybody interested?

  • 10-28-2008
    I may be into that tomorrow afternoon. What time are you thinking?
  • 10-28-2008
    I've been living at Solitude all summer and rode that the week they finally opened it up.

    Its great. Killer natural rollers, a small double and excellent turns. The dirt is really soft - some make hate that but I like it a lot. It makes the front end a little more unpredictable, but gives a very "moto" feel (I ride/race MX).

    I usually ride up Serenity, then up to the top of Queen Bess (if I'm doing 'Bess).

    But its not very long - so be warned if you're coming all the way up here just do that trail. Its not long at all.

    If you're bringing your downhiller, bring your XC too, to make the trip up here worthwhile. All the trails are in great shape right now - I rode Serenity, to Raptor and up to Kruzr Sunday and they were very good.

    (and when you say you have to walk up a 1/4 mile - I'm assuming you're talking about the uphill jaunt from Raptor Road, but you have that LONG climb up Raptor first, to even get to that point.)
  • 10-28-2008
    yeah i climbed up to gaurdsmans pass on my xc 29er and did puke hill a couple of times. then back down to solitude and saw queen bess trail. i rode up it. its getting mashed down from people riding it. not as soft as it was a month ago. looks perfect for ripping thru the corners.

    i figure people could ride/walk up dick bass road and connect to the trail that way. i can ride my dh rig in 36x34 up that road. pedal, squish, pedal, squish, pedal, squish.....etc
  • 11-01-2008
    I rode this yesterday (up and down) just to check it out. I'd hardly call it a freeride/downhill trail. It's more like a short cross country downhill with burmed switchbacks. The main Kruzer downhill is still a lot faster and more fun. I guess if you ad this in as an option to get a longer ride in then it's another trail but to say it's anything like a whistler freeride trail would be way off.
  • 11-01-2008
    i wrote "it looks like some whistler trails". and if you go fast enough you can catch alot of air and really hit the berms hard. i was roosting dirt about five feet past them(without hitting the brakes) and rocketing off down. just no rocks.

    yes it is short and ya gotta climb back up. kruzer to me is way more xc like with some little rocks. queen bess was no fun on the xc bike. on the park bike above it was a blast.
    but not too worth it just for that trail only. maybe if you can get multiple laps by using the lift to go up.

    i have a feeling next year there will be alot of more freeride trails to be used witht he lifts.
  • 11-01-2008
    That trail was designed and built to function primarily for cross-country riding, with grades gentle enough so that it can be climbed without too much trouble. The corners were made to be ridden fast, so it should also work as a "mild" downhill. The tread was smoothed and most obstacles removed so it would be easily navigable for most rider levels. It was never intended to be anything like a Whistler-style downhill. If it works for a wide range of riders, great!
  • 11-05-2008
    We want a whistler-style downhill . . . bring it!!