Hi everyone - the WW shop is finally (mostly) set up and I'm actually doing some constructive work! To celebrate the move and to say hello to everyone, I'll be hanging out in the shop and talking with any and all who care to stop by this Saturday, August 25th from 3pm until I get tired and/or run out of beer.

As a bonus, from 4-8:30 pm my neighborhood is having a GIANT concert with 13 local bands called "Porchfest". There will be food trucks, games for the kids, and lots of great music, so you can stop by and say hello and then enjoy the fun if you want to make an outing of it.

Where? 148 South 1200 East is the address, but that's a little confusing, because the shop (blue garage) is actually located on Bueno just east of 1169 Bueno. Please note that the ENTIRE neighborhood will be closed to traffic, so you'll need to bike/walk/TRAX to get here.

Random notes:
-I won't let you use my tools or build anything while you're standing around watching (I don't want to burn/blind/electrocute/impale you) so don't expect to see welding demos or anything like that.
-I will have a couple of bikes and some half-completed frames/forks and such to check out, but there are no demo bikes and I won't be loaning anything out.
-My goal is just to meet some like-minded folks, not to give you the hard sell, so you do not need to be interested in buying anything from me - just come say hi. Of course, if you want to order a frame, you're more than welcome to bring your checkbook.
-I'll have a few 6 packs of adult beverages but if you want to *really* make friends with me you can bring a few of your faves to share.
-When I get tired of chitchat and want to go listen to music with Sarah and the Bean, I'll close up for the night. No idea exactly when that will be. If you miss me, you can always stop by another day as long as you call ahead (phone number is on my website).

Hope to see lots of new friends! Contact me if you have any questions.