Hi all,

Hoping for a little beta on Virgin from those in the know. (feel free to PM me if need be...)

Anyway, my bike hucking crew and I are getting a bit tired of the Moab scene and are wanting to try something new. I've always heard of Virgin, and after seeing that spineology video we all decided we need to get down there. It looks like we'll be heading down the weekend before thanksgiving.

I anyone would be so kind I'd like a little info on the area. We would prefer to be camping for free somewhere near the riding. If anyone can point us to some trails too that would be great. We're already planning on hitting Grafton Mesa, and we're looking for hits up to 15 feet (or maybe a little bigger since the ground seems so soft...) Freeride bikes so we don't want any xc stuff at all, and we're all okay with a long climb as long as the downhill pays off.

Anyway, my crew and I are all chill, like to smoke and drink into the wee hours, and then ride hard as f#$k all day. If that sounds good to anyone out there you're welcome to join us.