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    Utah trip help

    I've done a fair bit of searching but need some info / thoughts.

    Heading to UT for a wedding in Park City w/ my wife.

    Current plan is to fly into PC next friday & head directly to Fuita for 3 days of riding then to Vernal for 2 days of riding - then back to PC for 2 or 3 days of riding / wedding.

    My wife is a singletrack intermediate & I ride all (xc/fr/dh).

    I'm pretty sure the destinations are a good choice (Moab is a bit steep / exposed for the wife).

    I'm torn between which bikes for me - 40lb bullit or 30ish elsworth id?

    I'm pretty sure it's the id but don't want to miss out on any must do DH/FR in these spots.

    Also, looking for some nicer places to stay vs the standard Best Westerns but can't seem to find them. There area a couple of resorts outside Moab that fit the bill but are 80 miles from Fruita - we'd like to be close to riding - any thoughts here?

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    i hear that park city, and deer valley are 2 great spots.

    i just moved here to the state and i am still learning. I will be hitting deer valley tomorrow. SHoot me a PM, ill give you my contact info, if you want someone to ride with on some DH.

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    Not sure I can offer much, but here goes...

    Bikes - really shouldn't say, as both your rigs sound like FR bikes to me! Although Deer valley has true lift serviced DH runs, I would think almost all your other riding would be serviced by the ID.

    I would check the weather when you arrive and re-consider those two side trips. Both are desert locations, and usually much better in the spring/fall. That being said, I don't know much about the higher elevation riding options at either place. If it looks like cooler temps are forecast, you could stick with it - but again, both places are a bit less than perfect if its going to be 100 during the day. ( you didn't say when trip was, if its later this fall, then disregard my dumb comment )

    Places to stay: I would have to guess you're going to be on your own in Vernal ( no offense to Vernal folks ) Maybe you'll get lucky and someone that knows the area will have a good option. I camp in both places, so again, not an expert. In Fruita - there was a nice bed and breakfast type place in old house that was sort of on the way out to the 18 road riding area. I wish I could get the name for you, but maybe some searches would find it. My recollection is that it was sort of "charming" ... but again, those types of places out in the sticks are harder to find. Don't forget that Grand Junction is pretty close to Fruita, so maybe you could find a place there too.

    good luck

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