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    Urgent - Bonneville Shoreline Trail Expansion

    So... I don't know if any of you know about this, but I haven't seen any posts on the topic. I got pretty motivated about this, and I set up a website to try to get the word out:


    Here's the issue in a nutshell. Until April 17, the Forest Service is gathering public comments regarding the proposed expansion of the Bonneville Shoreline Trail along the east bench of the Salt Lake Valley, from Parley’s to Little Cottonwood and beyond. There was a public meeting on April 5, which I attended. Here's a report.

    There were about 60 people there. The meeting was facilitated by an outside consulting group that was responsible for collecting citizen input, organizing it, and presenting it to the USFS.

    Of those attending, I'd say that a slim majority were opposed to building the trail, period. Most of those opposed were property owners near Olympus Cove and the mouth of Millcreek Canyon. I'm sure you can imagine all the excuses - "undesirable people coming into our neighborhood", "our streets weren't built to handle the parking", "it will bring our property values down", etc. Never mind that property values in Park City have skyrocketed lately, at the same time that they've developed an extensive trail network (through their most exclusive neighborhoods, no less). Even in Salt Lake, Daybreak and Suncrest are doing the same thing, and the prices in those areas are going through the roof as well.

    The same group also voiced environmental concerns - "what about the wildlife", "we live in a flood plain, what about the erosion" - read into that what you will.

    I expected more bikers, hikers, and outdoor enthusiasts in general to be there, but there were just a few. The people who showed up at this meeting were mostly NIMBY types. This alarms me, since this is what the USFS is going to perceive as public opinion. This is "In My Back Yard" (one of the proposed trailheads is very close to my house), and I'm very much in favor of finishing the BST.

    I would recommend that anyone who would like to have more opportunities for hiking and biking close by send a message to this easy to-remember email address: [email protected]

    I really think that the emails will influence things greatly. Construction could begin as early as next summer if things flow through the process smoothly. Or it could not happen at all.
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    Email support sent and forwarded on to others to do the same. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I didn't even know there was an actual proposal in place.

    My only personal request for the trail would be to add some options on parts of the trail for mild freeride stunts. It makes the trails around Lake Tahoe so much fun for all skill levels. Oh, and I'm willing to help with some of the labor.

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    Hey, I'd love to see some freeride sections too. I think we've gotta concentrate on getting the trail built in the first place, then we can focus on how it gets built, but that's just my opinion.

    Mountain bikers are always at the bottom of the list when it comes to the powers that be... and freeriders, especially so. And it's just because we don't speak up as much as some of the other trail user groups. Not that we should lay down and roll over by any means. The more we speak up, the more they'll respect us. We've got the numbers and the motivation, we just gotta make it happen...

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