The Two Mooseketeers-
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    The Two Mooseketeers

    For your pleasure, there's a lesson to be learned to here. Coming down Mill D off the crest trail sunday evening I almost got served by a moose and her calf, in a spot I've seen them in before. In my defense, she jumped out from behind a stand of pine and it was really difficult to see her. However, a little less speed and I'd saved a moose from a bad scare and myself from the chance of a well-deserved and skillful ass-hoofing. I'm not good at telling the same story twice so this is from an earlier email thread.


    Hold your horses, I need more than 30 seconds to
    >drop this one. Ehhh, maybe I don;t. Zak and i hit the crest trail sunday
    >night and looped it from mi casa. Halfway through the ride i deem it
    >appropriate to wisely counsel zak (a native alaskan, mind you) on the
    >dangers of moose coming out to wander the trails at sunset. Flash forward
    >45 minutes to us coming down a relatively fast piece of trail, not
    >neccessarily at ball tearing speed but definitely on cruise control, me in
    >front. The next thing i know there is a big cow moose jumping practically
    >over my front wheel. I don't think I even hit the brakes. A nanosecond
    >later i'm a fly on a moose windshield, one hand on her back and the other
    >on her butt, bike stuffed between my legs and gone to hell and back, and a calf sprinting away wondering what he had done
    >to deserve this. The moose let out a girlish shriek, I let out a dull roar
    >of rage (at least, that's how i rememebr it), and we both split the scene at a
    > mathmatically perfect 180 degrees from one another, that being the angle
    >that would put the most amount of distance between her hoof and my ass. A
    >few moments of a second either way and extra bit of speed and i would have
    >landed squarely on her back, Three Musketeers-style.After finding
    >ourselves between a pi$$ed off mama and her calf, we quietly snuck our way
    >down the trail until we were a safe distance, then hurried out of there.

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    Doh! But, makes for a good story.

    Was this right below Desolation Lake? I had to hike about 100' off the trail recently due to a Mom and Calf who looked like they were itchin' to take a stomp on a mountain biker.

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    Nah, but I think I know the spot you mean. This was the section below the dog / deso fork, after the bumps end and when it gets fast(er). I've seen them there before so I shouldn't be surprised.

    Discounting the fact i could've caught a thrashing, I'm actually pretty honored to have gotten that close. I'll remember the sense of having that thing in my grill for years.

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    I would have moosey-hopped it.
    Back of the camera, back of the pack.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Photo-John
    I would have moosey-hopped it.
    Hehehe. That's the funniest thing I've heard in a while!

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