• 02-05-2009
    drain bamage
    Trails/dh trails that face South????
    I would like to know of a trail or dh trail that faces towards the South (So most or all of the snow is melted) near Sandy???? Do you think Bonneville would be good tommorow or the next day? I want to ride very badly on somewhere but the street but I need to know a trail to ride that is on a mountain (like a dh trail) that faces towards the south so the snow is melted...

  • 02-06-2009
    The only way you are going to be able to ride in Salt Lake is early in the morning when the ground is still frozen. There isn't a trail anywhere up here that won't be muddy once the sun hits it. In fact, with the weather this weekend, it's probably best to stay off the trails.
  • 02-07-2009
    Agreed. Please stay off the trails until they are dry or frozen.