Thunder Mt and Gooseberry Mesa-
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    Thunder Mt and Gooseberry Mesa

    I was thinking about hitting these two trails over labor day weekend (Aug 28-Sept 1). I would be driving over from Southern California. So, is it going to be so hot then that I would be out of my mind to try and ride or if I hit the trails early enough should I be ok? I guess has anyone riden these trails recently and not had a heat stroke . What do you utahians think?


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    I rode it this last winter but not in the summer. Drink lots of H2O the day before and eat lots of carbs. It shouldn't be too bad if you hit it early enough. I am jealous, I wish I could join you.

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    gooseberry could be very hot it was 98 degrees there at 6pm when we rode there last month.

    thunder was dry but only about 80 degrees the same day. If your heading up near thunder Virgin River Rim trail could be your excape from the heat . When we were there the high was in the 70s and its one of the best XC trails I have ridden.

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    Ride Early. Ive ridden out there many times and in the summer I try to be done by mid afternoon at the latest. Very few shades spots out at GB and the rock really throws the heat back at ya, Lots of water!
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    Goosberry in the early am only this time of year. Still 105 in the day in that area. Thunder and Virgin will be fine

    Bring lots of water

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    I ride all the time in the 105+ heat since it is hard to avoid this time of year, you just need to be careful and drink lots of water and ride with a buddy especially on the longer rides like Goose. The heat down here tends to be worse inthe afternoon and evening only getting cooler at 8pm or later....starts heating up at 10am and after. But then again know your limits.

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    Gooseberry where to stay

    A few questions for those who ride this area often. I am planning a trip mid October and I am curious which town to look for lodging? Hurricane, St. George, Virgin? First time coming so I am not familiar with the area. I imagine camping is a great way to go but I am already hearing it from a few of the old dudes in the group. "I need a shower after a day in the saddle". Beer and Gold Bond usually does the job but I will try to accomodate.

    Coming up from So Cal through Las Vegas if it matters. Thanks much.
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    Stay in hurricane

    rooms are cheap like 30 dollars a night and its the closet town to goose.
    Visiting St george/Hurricane? Stay at my vacation rental. Discounts for MTB's

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