I'm looking to get away from the northeast freeze and set 2007 as a target year to return to the west. I lived in Durango for a couple of years in the mid 90's and love the west but not the cost of living in Dgo.

I have traveled to the St George area the last 2 years and am hoping for a return visit for 2006. I'm not a city type person so the outskirts within 50 miles would be ideal. I would love to know of an area that is more economical to settle in. I am currently a DPW equiptment operator so no high zoot places are in my future. I would be looking to rent a place on my own if it is feasible. I don't need night life but would love to be able to ride to a trailhead when I want to. Springdale appeared a little high up for my taste but that is the only town that I got a true feel for in my last 2 visits. Are there areas in Washington County that are affordable?

Again, I am looking in the St George area, I am sure there are those that would like to toot the horn of another part of the state but I would appreciate pertinent information to the area in question.