St. George Trip / Review-
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    St. George Trip / Review

    Headed to St. George end of last week and this week through Wed. Wanted to post a little about my experiences and hopefully save others some time and headache.

    Did St. George Wed - Sat and Apple Valley Sun-Mon

    Had a company event that had an outing and we used and Jake and Monte as guides for the event. Had a great time. They set everyone up and we did several trails around Bearclaw Poppy Trail. Considering the spread of riders the choice of trails was perfect and they kept everyone engaged and together for the ride (group was in fair condition). I had done the same trail a day earlier and actually found the guided trip more fun as it covered trails that I had not done before. Would highly recommend this team.

    Now for the bike shops.....

    I cannot recommend Red Rock Bicycle Shop. I can say one bike had no issues (Stumpy) but the second a much more expensive demo (Enduro 29 Carbon) had dropper post issues that did not show during my short spin in the parking lot instead started up later at the trailhead at Gooseberry Mesa. I pulled the seat-post and the cable was obviously not properly connected as well as a fluid around the stem (in other words was not checked prior to rental). I called the shop and asked if they knew of a local place close by where I could swap out the bike and just rent another locally. I was told there were only shops in St. George. Rather foolish since Google obviously lead me straight to Over the Edge bicycle shop. They fitted me professionally (also not done at Red Rock, they just use your weight and height) and had me out the door in 20 minutes. They saved my ride and were what everyone should expect from a top notch shop.

    I cannot stress enough how one really bad decision can impact your business. You absolutely do not lie to your customers. I might have accepted that seat post issue could happen to anyone (except for the obvious cable connection issues) but to follow it up with the second issue was just not smart. I did not pay for the charge on the second demo but I also stress whether they refunded the charge or not I would not have paid for the second demo. In other words they did not give me anything I would not have taken anyway. As always your mileage may vary but I highly recommend Over the Edge Sports because of the obvious difference in care on fitting, the number of available rentals and the speed of handling my issue and getting me back to my ride.

    The Rides....

    I like speed, rollers and tech, hell anything BUT the hill I find thrilling. The rides in this state are incredible. The views amazing. The tech is well frankly both humbling and thrilling at the same time. I cannot recommend this place enough. Bearclaw Poppy is an easy trail (great for hangover recovery) but the return trip is the best roller-coaster ride I think I have ever had. Gooseberry Mesa is epic in both the vistas and the variety of terrain. You will remember both and the cruel and damaged individuals who came up with the routes that both make you curse and shout with triumph (on the rare occasions I actually beat a tough spot). You may also pucker in fear at just how close they decide to come to the edge of the mesa.....

    Someday soon I hope to be back again.
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    A buddy of mine, who made reservations before asking me, made bike rental reservations with Red Rock and had a very similar experience. Another friend on the same trip had an issue with his Reverb dropper post on his personal bike and we went to Red Rock because we were close by after riding in Santa Clara. They looked at it, said it just needed bled but it would take "a day or two". I immediately called over to Over the Edge and they said they would take care of it while we went to lunch. Turns out, it wasn't just a bleed that was needed and said it was broken but luckily, it was a was a warranty issue. They called Rock Shox and received approval to install a new Reverb. They did that overnight and we picked up the bike the next morning, ready to ride.

    As far as Monte & Jake, I've ridden with Monte (even stayed at his rental a few times) but I've yet to meet Jake but he's obviously a staple here on the Utah board. Not sure why Monte decided to stop posting. I guess his expanding equestrian empire is taking up too much of his time.
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    Thanks for riding with us!
    Your group was a ton of fun. The dynamic of any group always contributes to the ride experience and you guys were cool to start with. I was very impressed with how easy going everyone was and how willing they were to try things. Thanks again for using us!
    I'm sorry to hear about your rental experience with Red Rock. That's just not cool. We always recommend Over The Edge for the same reasons that you discovered.

    Until next time!

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