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    St George trail recommendation

    I am driving to the St George area for the two days before Thanksgiving. I would really like to do the Gooseberry Mesa trail - but I am concerned that my 12 year old son may get too tired to finish the 5-6 hours that I have heard it takes to finish this ride.

    1. Is 5-6 hours a good estimate for 2 intermediate riders? (I plan to hire a local guide for assistance in following trail, getting to trail, handling emergencies, etc.)

    2. Is there another ride that is shorter but offers similar experience of slick rock and single track?

    My son is a good rider and is well-conditioned right now from months of football practice.


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    Used to live in Vegas, Little Creek Mesa was a good choice for an easier ride than Gooseberry, but still all the scenery perks. About the same distance as Gooseberry but quite a bit less technical and less climbing. Also has a nice amount of slickrock.

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    It doesn't take 5-6 hours to do gooseberry. Generally most can do the whole thing in 3-4..... although I don't know what your fitness level is. There's lots of options to alter the time to as little or as much as you want. No guide necessary. Trail is easy to follow and cell coverage is good on the whole mesa. There are repeated short steep slick rock climbs and some spots where the trail is close to the edge of the mesa... so take that into consideration too with regards to your son.

    Slick Rock Swamp (Rockville Bench) near springdale is a good alternative if you're still worried about it being too much for your son. Lots of fun gooseberry-like slick rock, plenty of beautiful views of Zion, but only 7-8 miles total. Lots of diversions to play on if you want to extend too.
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    There are a number of shorter loops at Gooseberry as well as the longer outer loop.

    We did the south rim and north rim trails a week ago with a large group (~15 riders) ranging from beginner to expert and it took 4h, but only 2h of that was actual riding for the faster guys. I think the loop that we did was ~11mi.

    Definitely worth the trip. I'll be heading out there again next weekend. There were some trails that I want to hit again and some that we didn't have time for.

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    On Goose you can spend all day even with good riders, you just pick the loop you want to take, and do it. Its really easy to navigate, unlike little creek. Little creek is hard to tell where the trail goes, but its really fun. I'd also suggest hitting up the JEM trail while your there. It isn't slickrock but its really fun, fast, and has great views, although its got some extreme exposure(Close to the cliffs) at the end.

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    You might give Mark at Mountain Bike Buddies a call. In addition to Gooseberry your son would probably like some down hill trails like JEM and Bear Claw.

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