St. George advice part 2-
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    St. George advice part 2

    Thanks to everyone who replied to my earlier thread. I had a great trip to St. George and loved Gooseberry. I now have a big decision to make. I got a job offer from DSC and am considering moving there. If anyone has any opinion about St. George on any of the following I would love to hear them.

    1] Cost of renting an apartment in town.
    2] People to bike with?
    3] Night life?
    4] Not being Mormon
    5] Are there any single women to meet for a 30 year old guy in St. George?
    6] Any opinions about anything St. George related are appreciated.

    Thanks so much. Any thoughts are really useful for me.

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    1. i just flipped thru the paper and $700 seems to be pretty consistant for a 2br apartment. I found about 4 ads at that price.
    2. Plenty of riders to hook up with here. Desert Cyclery has a very consistant saturday ride with their mechanics doing rides almost daily. Also they can hook you up on an email list of Turner guys who ride a couple times a week in the morning.
    3. A what? I think Walmart and Taco Bell are open late. Though I've been married 10 years so i'm not looking for nightlife anymore.
    4. You are still allowed in until the new law passes. Biggest complaints i hear are no night life and weak beer.
    5. But there must be, pligs find more than one. Surely you can get just one for yourself.
    6. I've been here for about a year and a half and absolutely love it. The climate is great, though i find the winters to be too long. (i'm a Phoenix transplant) More businesses coming in, housing market is still on the rise. The riding here is great as you know. Hope some of that was useful.
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    a few tid bits

    Don't come to S.G. If your expecting night life. You'll be sadly disapointed. However Las Vegas is not far away and people come from all over the world to experiance night life there. I've always said S.G. has the best day life. If your are into the outdoors it never ends. From fly-fishing to rock climbing and of coarse MTB'ing. There are a million things to do with-in and hour and a half's drive.

    The Mormon thing? I like having the trails empty on sunday. But seriously it's getting better, meaning there are more open-minded people moving here by the day. BTW Dr. J lives here!

    It is very hard to find women here around that age. They usually have two kids and have touble getting "out". It took me a long time so be patient. There are quite a few bar chicks, if your into that. But most good girls won't even get close to the bar around here, there is quite a stigma about the bars in this town. And vegas girls, don't even bother. Unless you are a metro biker with a BMW SUV and use product. After a long wait I did meet a younger ( you may have to lower your age scale) girl that started working for us. It was well worth the wait. Be prepared to wait if you want a good one.

    Move to S.G. for the daylife, not the nightlife.


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