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    Slickrock - How Much Exposure Is There?

    I plan to take my son to ride the entire Slick Rock trail in early April. We have been to Moab before and ridden the Practice Loop, Sovereign, Klondike, and others.

    My question: how much exposure is there on the Slick Rock Trail?? I have slight issues with exposure...... I saw nothing on the Practice Loop and I have ridden many trails all over the place, but I have heard some things about exposed ledges, etc on the big trail and I want to know before I drive 700 miles.


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    There is only exposure if you get close to it, which you don't have to.

    Other than not clearing a steep climb and sliding down into a hole, you should be fine in my opinion.
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    The problem is that what is exposure to one person is not to another. If you rode the practice loop and had no problem, you'll be OK. As mentioned, the biggest risk is sliding 30-50 feet. The only real exposure is over by Shrimp Rock, where there is a short section of side slope than can be easily walked. Oh, and stay away from the Natural Selection Viewpoint if you get vertigo. With that said, there are a lot of broken bones and road rash on Slickrock. Grand County Search and Rescue does a big business out there.

    Heat is the biggest danger. You MUST take twice as much water as you think you need. Be aware that children and teenagers do not take heat as well as adults. I saw a ~10YO kid pass out from heatstroke fifteen minutes into Slickrock. His father was clueless and a complete jerk on top of that. For the complete 3-4 hour ride in the heat, a 70oz Camelback is about HALF of what you need. This is why people get into trouble out there.

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    I agree, your biggest exposure problem is SUN exposure.
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