My wife and I are using my inlaws Deer Valley timeshare in August. It's safe to say we're "weekend" warriors and are looking for a vacation where we can have interesting sports actives but also be able to pamper ourselves as needed, with a spa, pool, gourmet food, etc. Read: when we're not busting a lung, we'd rather not rough it.

My wife is an avid trail runner so I'm looking for recs for her. Anything near Dear Valley, Park City, Canyons, etc is acceptable since we can get there easily.

I'm looking for recs for trails. I'm a cyclocrosser and SSer but not a big downhiller. I'd like ones nearby so I can ride from my door.

I'm also looking for good shops to rent a bike from. XC is fine, even hardtail, though I'd prefer to pay for a higher end since I'm getting my lodging for free. (I consider it "shopping" for a new bike...) I'd like to avoid bringing a bike all the way from California.

We're also interested in rock climbing. We're not experts, just beginners that have take a few lessons and would like some challenge.

If anyone knows of adventure races, duathalons, trail races on Aug 12 thru Aug 17,I'm interested. Even an adventure camp would be cool.

Thanks in advance.