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    Ski post

    Hey heading up to park city for 2 weeks, only been there biking, are any of the resorts better then others, was thinking of mostly park city, day or 2 at alta (just skiing) and a day or 2 at deer valley. Were is best place for skiing and boarding i do both and have a bunch of pp coming so can get best of both world. Thanks

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    I own a timeshare condo there and usually go every year but this year we're heading to Jackson Hole instead. First off, I'll assume you know that besides Alta, you also can't snowboard at Deer Valley. Right in Park City, you have Deer Valley, Park City and The Canyons. You will find people who can make an argument for any of the 3. One canyon over is Brighton and Solitude. The next canyon over has Alta and Snowbird. An hour north is Powder Mtn and Snowbasin. Here's my opinions, factoring in you can ski or board on any given day. I only board nowadays but have skied them all in the past.

    Deer Valley: Best grooming and best food I've ever had at a ski resort. Pricey for sure but worth a visit. Everything is 5 star quality there.

    Park City: Big resort with alot of high speed lifts. Very spread out and no way to hit it all in 1 day. Alot of variety, a couple terrain parks. The most crowded resort out there with the best base area.

    The Canyons: Even more spread out than Park City with plenty of high speed lifts as well. Great food, limited but very nice/pricey base area. I know this area well and it's my favorite in PC when there is fresh snow.

    Alta: Smaller, older lifts but know for light snow and alot of it. Cheapest lift prices as a general rule.

    Brighton: The boarders favorite resort, probably make up 70% of the clientele. Lots of shorter tree runs and powder lasts all day long. Great smaller resort when it's snowing.

    Powder Mtn: Small resort and a long drive for ancient/slow lifts but the place is always empty and the fresh snow will last a week. They have $7 snowcat runs that take you to a back bowl.

    Snowbasin: Also an hour+ drive but my favorite resort in Utah. (3) gondolas to keep you warm and dry and most of the lifts go all the way to the top so you're getting 2000+ vertical foot runs every ride. I literally ride "off the beaten path" all day here, non-stop. This is where the Olympic downhill was held so there some fast and steep if you want that too. Because of the Olympics, the owner spared no expense when building these lodges, restaurants and facilities....UNBELIEVABLY top notch, massive log, carpeted lodges with nicer bathrooms than the Ritz!!

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    Another vote for Snowbasin! On top of everything k2rider mentioned, the food is very good as well as fairly priced. Access is also very nice. Rather than crawling up a small narrow two lane canyon road, there is a really really nice, well maintained, wide open, georgeous views all around, high speed road up to Basin.

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    My preferences (in this order)

    Deer Valley.

    After that it really doesn't matter.

    If I am paying full price, I'll drive twice as far and ski Alta. I'm close to Park City, but those resorts are spendier, less desirable all around to a "skier" and Park City Mountain resort is the only resort that I really do not like at all.

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    Snowbird. Best skiing and boarding around. But the nightlife is lame-o.

    The Park City area is, without a doubt, the best if you want nightlife.

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    If you really know what you're doing, like powder and off piste skiing, there is no place like Snowbird. Ok, Alta is a close second. Unbelievable stuff in bounds. If you're in the Cottonwoods, I wouldn't bother with Brighton or Solitude, just never had as much fun there as at the 'Bird. If you're looking for well groomed runs, shaped moguls, etc., lots of intermediate stuff, you won't like Snowbird or Alta as much -- I've seen many a tourist skier pretty frustrated there. 3 years w/ season passes, approx. 250 days total there.

    If you like sticking to groomed runs, DV is great. Nice if there is no new snow, as the runs will always be in great shape. Also, no one can ski well at DV except the staff and some employees (locals don't ski there much), so on a good snow day, you'll have the good spots to yourself (worked there 2.5 years, probably close to 200 days there, had many a powder day to myself while people are fighting over tracks at the Bird).

    Canyons and PC are big, spread out, lots of intermediate terrain. I get lost at PC, but I've only been there a few days. Best terrain parks, halfpipes, etc. are found at these resorts.

    Never spent the time to trek northward, as I always had either an employee pass or a seasons pass or a hook up at the resorts mentioned above.
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