I had been planning all year to make a pilgrimage to whistler just to see/ride it. I was going to be there during crankworx week. Unfortunately my buddy who was coming with me could not get a passport in time. Apparently he needed to prove to the government that he's an American or something. They didn't believe he was who he said he was. The kid is 15/16ths navajo.

So instead we headed across Nevada and hit up Mammoth Mountain. For those of you who have seen my truck, I think you'll believe in miracles when I tell you that it made the whole trip without a problem.

Mammoth mountain is huge. And with a summit at 11,000+ feet, you are pretty high up there. The soil is like nothing I've seen before. It's really not that rocky strangely enough. The dirt is light and powdery (not quite so light and fluffy as the moon dust at the top of the Humdinger) mixed with a small pea gravel. If you get off the trail near the top of the mountain, it'll eat your front wheel and you'll wipe out. It's not like it hurts though.

I got in a whole day of good riding in before ate it hard. I was riding the 4x course which was really pretty sweet except one of the landings was built up out of three large logs. The logs were protruding out the top op the landing and it wasn't very smooth like you'd expect from a 4x course. I wasn't sure whether to jump short and roll over the logs or jump long and try to clear them. The first time over the course I jumped short. The second time I jumped long, my rear wheel hit one of the logs square and launched me another 20 feet to a faceplant into the berm.

The impact knocked the wind out of me, and I could feel that something was wrong with my shoulder so I didn't try to pick myself up with my arm. I just kinda kicked around in the dirt til I could breathe and get back up. My buddy rode up and just laughed at me for the next few hours. Turns out I suffered a 3rd degree AC separation. The hit also cracked my full-face. Looks like it was cheaper than jaw surgery, just as I had predicted.

It was a pretty rad trip, even with the injury. I've only been riding for just over a year and I guess this trip/injury taught me that I need to be a better judge of my abilities.

Here are a few more random shots from the trip.