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    John Finch

    New question here. Should Locals be Banned from MPS and LPS?

    Hey Bock I must say I have really enjoyed this post. As a history buff I have really enjoyed this thread. I have also enjoyed riding Burro to Hazard to Kokopelli to UPS to MPS to LPS to Porcupine Rim. Yes, there is really a section called MPS (Middle Porcupine Single Track). You rode it but you didn't know it.

    The MPS section starts were you cross under the powerlines (that drop off into Castle Valley) and ends at the second hunters camp ground before you ride out to the cattleguard where the original LPS starts. This is a somewhat short section but according to historical records was not part of the orginal UPS construction project.

    The original UPS trail ended up on the first hunters camping spot (near the powerlines dropping down into Castle Valley) and from there you rode out to Sand Flats Road where you hung a right and rode 3 miles down Sand Flats to the Porcupine Rim short cut over to the Porcupine Rim climb to the viewpoint.

    Apparently, back in the day before MPS and LPS were constructed there was a lot of dreaming going on about how nice it would be to have a well designed sustainable singletrack connection from the original end of UPS to the famous Porcupine Viewpoint.

    From what I have been able to find from my interviews with the locals they were worn out from building the UPS. They were estatic with the UPS, and all they wanted to do for a while was ride their new masterpiece. I must say I can't blame them, the UPS section is a blast.

    Therefore, even though the locals took a break from their trail building efforts apparently a group of non-locals who got to ride the UPS started a dream called MPS to LPS to the View Point on Porcupine Rim. As we all know life is about riding a dream trail like the UPS/MPS/LPS. If you like the UPS trail you should try the Damifino trail in Sedona.

    Well somtimes dreams turn into realities. My hope is that someday the Kokopelli to the Porcupine Rim Viewpoint via the UPS/MPS/LPS will someday be brought into the Moab legal system. Moab badly needs this trail. I am tired of riding screwed up Jeep roads, I think the 92 trails in Sedona are pretty cool.

    Unlike the Hazard County trail which was an environmental nightmare the new UPS/MPS/LPS trail is a totally sustainable trail. Once the new Hazard County section is completed, I believe the Burro to Hazard to Kokopelli to UPS to MPS to LPS to PRT will be one of the best trails to ride in the US. It is my dream to be able to do this ride with other people who would enjoy diong the same.

    Oh yes, since from what I have been able to find out about MPS and UPS it seems logical that ONLY NON-LOCALS ride the MPS/LPS section since they were the ones who put their dream into a reality.

    I am curious if the locals have dreams about any other trail ideas. Amassa Back Viewpoint to Pothole would be pretty cool.

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    More Chasmism
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    Oops. I didn't see this post when I answered your "Koko Dream" post.

    From what I understand, LPS was built by one person (whom I think you may know well) , not a consortium of nonlocals. I admire that person's gumption, and his eye for a line, but his propensity to mark and then publicize a trail prior to its legalization remains counterproductive. In the case of LPS, he got lucky, as it turns out that LPS is constructed through an open travel area. That same grace does not extend to some of his other endeavors.

    Amasa viewpoint to pothole exists, right there without a track on the anticlinal rock. As a friend of mine told this same person on a chairlift in Whistler this summer, "Just because you don't know something's there doesn't mean it isn't".


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    John Finch



    Should the locals stay off of trails built by a bunch of non-locals? Are you willing to share this Amasa Back optional trail with us non-locals. Is it illegal, if so do you guys just hike it?

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