Semi-OT - good B&B's for cyclists in SLC-
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    Semi-OT - good B&B's for cyclists in SLC

    Short version: Are there any good cyclist-friendly (ie, not frilly lace and antiques everywhere, have space to store your bike/climbing stuff/etc, not stupid expensive) B&B's in the area of the U?

    Long version, if you're wondering why I would ask this question:
    -My wife and I are moving to SLC (to a nice place on 12th right by the U) in August.
    -My framebuilding business will come with me, of course (40 extra square feet in my new shop, plus attic storage - woot!)
    -I'm thinking of doing something I've always wanted to, which is to offer a custom frame "experience" consisting of:
    1. Do some basic design work and pick out parts in advance, order everything so it's all ready to go.
    2. You come out and visit for a week. I measure you up to verify that the design we've come up with is solid.
    3. You get to watch me build the frame for as much of the day as you'd like (I don't think my insurance agent would be happy if you wanted to "help", though, sorry), and sample the fine singletrack, rock climbing, and tasty local beer to your hearts content (I'll have demo bikes available for all but the weirdest-sized folks while their new bike is in progress)
    4. When the frame is done, I rattlecan it some awful color (if you were a pain in the butt, you get pink or purple) and build it up with your parts (I'll also have sweet Enve demo wheels if you've always wanted to try out carbon hoops), and you go ride it on the aforementioned awesome singletrack. Want some cable stops moved? Decide you need more gears and a front derailleur is called for? No problem, I can make minor changes as needed.
    5. You ride and enjoy yourself until the week is done (or as long as you want, really), then fly/drive/stagger home.
    6. I take your bike apart, have it powdercoated your favorite color, then reinstall the BB and headset and ship everthing to you.

    I don't feel comfortable having random customers living in my house, nor do we have the room (and we have a newborn, which means nobody in their right mind would want to stay with us anyway). So to make it work, I'd like to be able to recommend some places to stay to potential customers.

    Thanks in advance for any info!


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    Checkout Parish Place B&B. They have a garage for keeping bikes locked up and secure and the owners are top notch folks. I'd think your customers would find it to be a great place to stay.

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    Seems Like a very cool idea, i dunno SLC so i'm no help there...
    Read my BLOG!

    just a guy who loves bikes and exploring

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