So, I have the opportunity to be in Salt Lake City October 15-17 on business. I'll be flying in and should arrive by 1:00 or so at the airport.

Don't think I'm going to bring my bike due to the short trip and all, but I got to wondering - is there a local shop where I could rent one for the afternoon? Are there rides close enough to said shop to make the effort worth while?

Anyone up for showing some poor guy from Tennessee one of the local trails? I think I'll be tied up all day Tuesday, and will probably have to depart Wednesday morning, so Monday afternoon is the only choice. May not work, I don't know the area. There are good 2-3 hour rides close to town around here (as well as a shop with rentals), so I wondered if the same might not be true out there. I've never done any DH, but I'd be up for trying anything that isn't too over the top extreme. I guess you could say I'm an intermediate level rider in reasonable shape.

Any thoughts? Trail suggestions, shops with rentals, volunteer guides?