Salt Lake City / Park City - can anyone offer some broad advice before I move there?-
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    Salt Lake City / Park City - can anyone offer some broad advice before I move there?

    I'm relocating to SLC for work. I am looking at living either near the University is SLC or possibly up Park City/Summit Park area. I guess my questions are:

    -Is there much point bringing a 2006 30lb plus 26'' alloy 130mm travel full-sus bike with me, or is it just too heavy for the hills (there appear to be trails near the university, but the hills go pretty steep).
    -Could I enjoy the riding on a 100mm carbon hardtail xc bike, or is it more 140mm carbon trail bike territory? I'd been planning an On-One 29er carbon hardtail frame and moving my drivetrain across to it, but that was before we decided to move. So maybe I need to spend more to go full-sus xc?

    Some places I've lived have had pretty rocky and rough terrain, others smooth and flowing. I'm interested in XC racing or XC marathon racing as time permits and get back into racing, and to do road and maybe CX (I don't yet have a CX bike).

    I'm guessing the answer is that I will have fun on my old (2006) bike until I can buy something new, so better to bring the current bike and sell it next summer once a new one is bought? I just don't want to move it, ride it once and find it too outdated/unsuited, and then sell it in parts for a couple of hundred (if I'm lucky), when I could just sell it now.


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    If it helps I am currently ride a '12 F29 Cannondale with 100mm XLR carbon Lefty. Hardtail riders are few and far between out here, but I have ridden many places people go with FS. I don't know any different since all I have ever ridden is a hardtail. If your plan is enduro racing at some point you may want to consider a FS. There has only been a few places I have ridden that I wanted a FS. That being said I am looking to purchase my first FS over the winter. Hard for me to give up a 20lb bike though!!
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    Most or all Park City trails are smooth and buff. And the trails behind the University are pretty tame as well.
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    Move here, ride your bike, then decide. With any luck, in 2 months you'll be wondering what skis to use.

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    Bring your bike, ride it, see what trails you like to ride, and then decide if you want/need a new bike. Honestly your current one is old enough that there's really no point in selling it, since it's worth a few hundred bucks at most now.

    I will say: most people around here have 2 bikes. One for the BST (trails behind the U) and one for Moab. Because you will go to Moab when it's muddy and gross here in the fall and the spring. And because Moab is awesome and only 4 hours away.

    A hardtail or short travel FS bike is a blast on 99% of the trails on the Wasatch front/back. It is miserable in Moab unless you're a masochist or you want to only ride the tamest/smoothest stuff. Your current bike will probably be pretty fun in Moab, and so-so in SLC/PC. But until you actually get here and ride some stuff, keep your money in your pocket and your old bike in the garage.


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    Thanks, that's very helpful. Given the rush to move (and the max of a couple of hundred dollars for my old bike in parts), I will just bring it and hope there's some good deals in the Spring. It's reassuring to know that the cheaper option of an XC hardtail will work, and if I'm feeling flush, a full-sus XC (I've been eyeing the Yeti ASR-C and the 2018 Epic also appeals ... but they're a good bit more pricy than a Chinese carbon hardtail frame with my parts going onto them).


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