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    Salt Lake City Area Trip Octoberish X-country/All-Mountain


    Planning to meet a buddy of mine about mid way between us for an extended mountain bike weekend, and Salt Lake city is pretty much middle of WA to NM. There's some badass places to ride up here (OR, WA, BC), but he would have to travel further. Anyway, neither of us have ever biked out of SLC area, and I was hoping to get information, or pointed to a couple of websites. It looks like some excellent riding around there.

    From searching the web, I was thinking the Park City Area would be a good place to hit for about 4 days. We're looking for 2-3 hour rides each day of X-country/all-mountain. Our style: it's ok to grind it out for a while if the descent is worth it - I'm used to this living in WA. I think we'd prefer to camp if possible, but hotels are fine if camping is hard to come by at that time of year. I'm assuming the weather is generally good, but obviously could be hit or miss the longer in October we wait.

    Any advice on camping areas that are relatively close to 4 days worth of riding - like a short term "base camp"? Advice on worthy trails if this may be a one-time trip for us? Is it worth doing any lift serviced stuff to get to good X-country/all-mountain type of riding? Would it be worth it for me to drive the extra hours to Moab, or him to Bend, OR instead (if anyone has been to these places)?

    Thanks for the help.

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    October is a busy month for mountain biking in Utah so be aware you will be sharing trails with A LOT of people.

    High elevation stuff in Park City and the La Sals in Moab can get snow in October so the earlier in the month you can ride the better. If you are looking to grind out some climbs with super awesome descents then I would avoid Park City. Your flow brah will be interrupted every 5 seconds by people coming up hill. I wouldn't want to spend 4 days of vacation dodging hikers, dogs, tourists etc. I'd say Moab is your best bet. It can get busy but there is so much more room for everyone to spread out.

    If your friend lives in New Mexico he probably lives in the desert right? You should see if he can drive up to Oregon so he can get a taste of the temperate rain forest. Maybe something like the Mackenzie River Trail or Hood River?
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    Go to Moab if you like to shred the gnar. There is gnar in Park City but not comparable to Moab. If you want long alpine climbs and flowy/fun descents (yes, there are plenty that won't have people riding up them) then the SLC/PC area is great. Freeride central it is not, though. There are tons of trails with great flow, but they tend to be old-school XC with lots of twisties in the aspens, rather than flow trails.

    If you do come out, the hit list for people who like to descend would be:
    -Flying Dog (very XC, but the best use of elevation possible and never boring - watch out for people climbing it, argh)
    -Crest Connect/Ricochet/Holly's DH (mix of XC/flow trail, mostly directional DH only)
    -Crest Connect/Rob's/Collins or CC/Rob's/UOP (XC and open to 2-way traffic)
    -Pinecone/MM/John's (weekday only, Pinecone is a popular climb)
    -Various stuff at Deer Valley that can either be earned or lift-served. They have a new Gravity Logic flow trail that I have not seen yet but heard good things about.
    -Baldy Ridge/AC's/Avenues/Moose Hollow (little tricky to get to and may be super overgrown if you want to ride as a loop with Mormon Pioneer, but super cool)

    Those are all 1500+ foot descents that are super fun and don't require a DH bike or huge pucker factor. In general they are open to 2-way traffic but have good sight lines and can be ridden fast/aggressively safety. They can all be ridden as loops that will take 2-4 hours depending on motivation and fitness. All will have short (<5 minutes) climbs thrown in at some point. 4-5" FS bike would be more than enough for any of it.


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    Yes October is busy here, but if you choose your 4 days as Mon-Thurs and ride during work hours it's not going to be bad. Definitely worth it. In addition to Walt's recommendations, I would suggest hitting American Fork Canyon at least once. A lot less traffic and absolutely amazing views, old-school trails that have a good mix of rough/rocky and smooth/fast. Just started riding there for the first time this year and can't get enough!

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    I may be passing through Park City in late October or early November and was hoping to ride. How late in the season can I expect the trails to be rideable? I'm guessing the upper elevations will close first due to snow which will slowly work its way down? Is it possible the Crest will still be open at this time? Just up to Mid-Mountain? Glenwild area? Trails closer to SLC? I'm hoping it is still worthwhile to come at that time of year. What would you recommend I look at?

    BTW, I hit Tidal Wave (the new IMBA flow trail in Deer Valley) shortly after Labor Day and it's definitely worth checking out. I'm not a big AM or jump guy, so it was a bit intimidating for me. It has a completely different character than the other trails. It's very wide, but your speed picks up quickly. The jumps aren't that big and the lips are friendly, but a few of the berms are huge and very steep. Definitely recommended. You'll be able to go faster each time you ride it.

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    j0hn, usually Halloween is the cut off for riding in PC due to weather. Could be earlier, but it's unlikely that November would work out.

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    OK, thanks for the info. I will keep that in mind.

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