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    Salt Lake Area Riding Club

    Hello fellow Utahns,

    Are there anyone interested in starting an informal riding club? I think this will have the following benefits:

    1) Carpool: $2 per gallon of gas is way too much.

    2) Training partners: My weaknesses are descending skills and technical single track. My strengths are powerful sprinting and mucho enthusiasm for the sport. I think it will be nice to find others who can help you improve and vice versa.

    3) Help from local businesses: I believe that a group of stoked riders - once they organize - will have a better chance of receiving discounts from retailers.

    A little about me. I took up mountain biking this march and absolutely love it. Prior to this, my sport of choice was rockclimbing. However, after 10 years of hanging off my finger tips, my right elbow and left shoulder pretty much imploded from tendonitis.

    I entered my first race down at Moab (Tour of Canyonlands) and placed 1st (ok, ok, there were only two people in my category, but I'm still ecstatic).

    My second race was rather disappointing (Hammerfest at Soldier's Hollow). A bout of food poisoning the night before, too-short of a warmup, and a mechanical resulted in a dismal finish. However, I did learn a great deal from the experience (i.e. warmup thoroughly, don't be too eager to give up your line in singletrack, and avoid canned salmon from the bargain bin!)

    My goal right now is to ride in as many different places as possible. Long scenic rides, gonzo singletrack, or just a casual day up on the Mill Creek followed by an afternoon chilling at the local microbrew is all good! I do NOT own a roof rack; however, I will more than compensate for this with gas $$$. I would like to race Short Track events in some of the NORBA races. I think it will also be fun to get a team together for some of the endurance races.

    Let's do it, people! There is strength in numbers!

    Thanks and Peace.

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    Where are you. I live in SLC, maybe we can hook up for a ride.

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    In Salt Lake

    I live in Salt Lake. My days off are wed, thrs, fridays. I plan on riding about 4-5 days per week: two days devoted to low-mid intensity volume; one for skill building; one for hard intervals; one for casual fun stuff with cool people (hey, this is supposed to be fun, right?). For example, I plan on working on my downhill technique tommorrow. Saturday or Sunday, I will do some intervals most likely at Bonneville.

    Let me know what you think.

    And for the rest of you riders out there in Provo, Salt Lake, Ogden, Logan area...c'mon - more the merrier!


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    I'm in....

    I'm down by Fort Union in SL, and have been looking for people to ride with. My wagon can hold three people and three bikes, and gets good mileage.

    Been riding Mueller Park, BST, and Little Cottonwood a lot. Looking forward to the higher elevation stuff, as this is my first season in the area.

    Might want to consider having beginner days and some expert rides. Maybe one day a week of both.

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    I don't work during the summer, and ride almost everyday. Shoot me an e-mail the next time you are heading out, and maybe we can meet up. I was going to offer you a lift to Joyride in Logan, but I don't think I will make it. Anyway, let me know if you want to meet up.

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    Wednesday ride?

    Hey guys...

    I can go riding during the day on most Wednesdays at anytime. (and some Tuesdays)
    All I need is some advance notice so that I can make arrangements for my where my daughter needs to go to after school.

    How does a group ride this Wednesday sound? Somewhere around SLC would be cool. I have been wanting to try some new trails. Just give me a time and I can come down from Logan and meet up with whomever wants to go.

    Just nothing too crazy....I am not the fastest nor smallest rider out there.


    e-mail: [email protected]

    Slow and steady gets you...7th place.

    "Hey! Where is everybody going??"

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    Let's Hook It Up

    Great to hear from all of you. Please email me at [email protected] and let's coordinate schedules and training plans, etc.

    Just a reminder: I have Wed, Thrs, Frid off.

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    slc transplant here

    Hey ya,
    I live in SLC. during the week, its ghastly early shoreline rides (to work)
    weekends: give me an epic. loops around big mountain, mormon trail,
    great western trail, park city/8000 foot trail, the bigger the better!

    nowhere to go, and all day to do it
    nowhere to do it, and all day to go?


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    Let's hook it up

    I work weekends. However, we should meet for a ride on Wed, Thrs, or Frid

    I'd be in on the epic rides (Skyline as an out-and-back, etc.)

    [email protected]

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