Hi all,

I know Telebiker has been asking folks about camping spots down in Moab already, but it looks like I'll be down there wrenching for my girlfriend's team during the 24 hour race the weekend of October 15th.

As it sits today, my gal and I are planning to fly into SLC and use her mom's car to head to Moab. Her other teammates will be driving down and hauling the bikes, gear, etc. and we're planning to camp. I'm familiar with most of the camping spots in the area due to riding there in the past (most recently in April), but the gals might try to get an RV for the weekend so they can be cozy during the race since the weather can always play tricks on ya during this time of the year.

If we do that, we'll probably pick up the RV in SLC, but I'm wondering if there are RV rentals closer to Moab (Moab rentals are totally booked) like St. George or GJ? I'd like to save on mileage and fuel costs since the rental alone will be pretty spendy.

Anyone else ever go this route? Thanks for the help.....