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    Riding Glenwild Saturday with my girlfriend and...

    Starting from Glenwild, my girlfriend and I were just heading out for an afternoon cruise to get in a few miles. About 45 minutes in as we were climbing a fairly rocky section (mind you the girlfriend is pretty new to riding - I was following her to make sure she was doing alright in the rocks) a guy comes up on us during the climb.

    Without saying a single word - no "excuse me", "can I get by?", "passing on your left" - nothing...he tried to pass me in a tight corner going up hill. He hit my back wheel to which I quickly told him to hold on so we could pull over.

    We both get pulled over, and this jerk didn't say one word after pushing us out of the corner.

    My girl and I just looked at each other like "did he just do that?" to which I said "YOU'RE WELCOME" as he just kept going.

    His response?

    "F*** YOU A**HOLE"


    Who does that, then tops it off with a incredibly low-class scum-bag response? I just hope he didn't do that to anyone else.

    I'm not one to really worry about trail etiquette - if someone can't pull over on a downhill as I'm climbing....whatever...no big deal. We're just riding - no one is curing cancer while pedaling. But that was uncalled for.

    I struggle with people sometimes. No reason for this post really - but if you're reading this pal, learn some manners and next time, say that to my face like a man, not a coward running away.

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    I bet he was a roadie.
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    What brand bike was he riding? Sorry to hear about that. Fairly common in that area...Glenwild seems to attract the worst in human character....
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    I didn't even get a chance to see what he was riding. Think it was a hardtail but all I remember is he was probably later 40s (which is the insane part - hello mature adult?) and wearing a bright red wind breaker.

    I'm sure he plowed over more people that just me and my petite girlfriend (which I'm sure made him feel tough).

    I don't want to sound threatening, but I would have loved to see him on the trail again. I'm a pretty well-built dude and mowing over a girl, isn't acceptable in my book. I would not have started anything, but again, asked him to repeat what he said, to my face.

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