Not sure if the Utah forum is the best place for this, but since I'm here, I figured why not ask the locals?

Does anyone here rent a room from their own home to someone for weekends/short term stays? I was thinking this is a somewhat touristy area for hikers/bikers/?????. I live in Ivins outside of St. George. I was thinking to set up one of my bedrooms as sort of a bike shop with some tools and a stand, use one of the rooms for myself, and the master bedroom w/bath could be the room I would rent out. Just a way to make some extra income. The renter would have use of the kitchen/living areas/shop, and I for the most part would stay out of their way, hanging out in my room or the garage. I have a large fenced in yard so I could even accept dogs for an extra fee. Something like $50+ night for two + $10 per dog? I wouldn't be trying to get rich, just some bike/beer money. The only thing I need is a bike stand. I think everything else is pretty much covered, so almost no investment because the stand is something I've been needing for too long anyway.

I'm single with two dogs. I'm not at all social, very much a loner, ha ha, but people always seem to like me, and I get along with anyone as long as they aren't a d$ick.

Just curious if someone has any knowledge of something like this? I guess it's like a bed and breakfast situation? I ain't making breakfast for them though!!!

It will be a long time before I get to the point where I could do this.

Is it even a possibility in Ivins? I'm ten to twenty minutes from any type of shopping or places to eat. Some good road rides (the iron man loop), and mt. rides (barrel roll, santa clara river reserve trails) could be done starting from the house. Snow Canyon State Park is a cool place to hike. Maybe even people going to the Biggest Loser Resort, one mile away would be interested?

Why is this a bad idea? Any experience? What am I missing?

I suppose renting bikes/kayaks could be something to consider in the future if it went well, but I really don't want to get too deep into liability issues.