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    Potential Move to Moab

    I have an rv that I was thinking of boondocking in Moab until I get a job. I have had a life changing event a few years back (TBI) as some of you know. Well life changed again with a divorce so I am currently in Denver, Co.

    After living in the Las Vegas, Nevada desert for many years I returned to home where I grew up. The winter time snow and cold is not fun any longer. I have a little job at Dick's Sporting Goods that barely pays (same for a lot of college and non college people). I have done the teaching career thing not enough years to retire (lol) and big house and etc.. I dont need that any longer.

    I love to ride so if I could land a little job enough to barely live but have time to ride, hike, sightsee and live life I would be ok

    Any thoughts and suggestions greatly appreciated
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    Lots of opportunities in Grand Junction, and you're still super close to EVERYTHING!

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    Mr. D,

    all I can do is wish you the best! I really hope you wind up in a happier place here shortly.

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    Sorry to hear about your recent life turns. If you don't need to find housing and you can live on little, Moab is doable. Lots of restaurants and motels and outfitters etc with some menial jobs I would think... although some of that may be seasonal. School districts and government agencies perhaps?

    Hope you land on your feet. Maybe looking at this as an opportunity to get in more biking and living on little is a good thing.
    I will cause thee to ride upon the high places of the earth...
    Isaiah 58:14


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    thanks friends
    ( Krob I still remember you)
    I am keeping the good vibe going as people at work say "Kelly you are always smiling".
    I am happy and just exploring all my options.
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    Hard to make a living in Moab. My brother lives there and works in GJ. If that tells you anything.

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