Payson Canyon DH Trails-
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    Payson Canyon DH Trails

    Does anyone have information regarding the downhill trails in Payson Canyon? Map? Beta?
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    I rode the entire thing about 5 years ago...all I remember is that it was a blast and I've been wanting to go back ever since You have to link up a bunch of trails to make it work, and there is pedaling/climbing, but not too much of it. I would not take a full DH bike out there, a good 6x6" trailbike or a bigger freeride bike with a small ring would be ideal. Lots of horses...

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    Those trails Rule!

    I used to live in Spanish Fork, and Payson was my favorite place to ride! You can set up an 11 mi shuttle with only about 1.5-2 mi climbing total. You will have to ride on the canyon road from the end of Bennie Creek to the Scout Camp but it is fast and worth it.

    You definitely need to stop by the forest service and pick up a map. They used to have a packet of trail maps for the Nebo Unit that were pretty good. I would also stop by the bike shop in Payson (don't remember the name) and see if they can help. If you know any locals, that is the best way to ride it the first time. There are a ton of trails up there, and it is easy to get onto the wrong one. I would offer to take you for a ride, but I live in Ogden now, and don't get down that way except to visit family.

    I would be happy to email or snail mail you a map I have, but it is the same one that I got from the Forest service. PM me if you want it. I attached a couple pics of me from way back. I only ever rode an XC bike up there, Cannondale hardtail, and a Trek Fuel 90 3" travel front and rear. I would bring at the most an all mountain, because there is climbing involved!

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    I love payson canyon!! We ride there every saturday morning at 6am. Here is a link to some videos that I caputured with my new helmet camera. It is kind of dark......but it was 6in the morning. All video was captured with my gopro digital hero3 camera (tons of fun, and super cheap!!!)

    You can ride any trail up there and have a ton of fun. Some of them see a lot of horse traffic so they are the ones we like to avoid. If you are looking for some downhill, shuttle only you are looking for bennie creek. It has a couple of different variations, but the lower one is 95% downhill with minor climbing. It also has a short section that has been groomed[. It sees the most bicycle traffice up the canyon so it is pretty smooth. A favorite of all of my friends.

    If you want a very, very challenging trail with a couple climbs we have a ride we do called Sasquatch (I don't know what the forest service calls it) It has about 45minutes of brake smoking, root jumping, elbow scratching hardcore downhill.

    Lets hook up on a saturday morning!!

    BTW I ride an iron horse 7point5. Not the best climber but it is worth the work when you point the thing downhill!!

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    in a month when my collar bone is 100% again, i want to ride these trails, they loock awesome.

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    I know a sick DH line there, probably about 6-7 miles of pure DH for the big bikes. If anyone wants to ride there before it starts to snow, PM me.
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