• 07-08-2007
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    Park City, MTBR Visitors, and "Utah Downhill"
    ebextreme continued his tour of Utah Downhilling (riding several thousand feet UP during the downhill rides) in Park City on Saturday. Seven of us climbed up Spiro to Powerline to Shadow Lake. From our high-point at the lake we dropped down Keystone to Apex, Crescent Mine Grade to Mid-Mountain, Johns to Sweeny's.

    We saw a pair of Moose by the lake, the wildflowers are going gang-busters and the trails are in good shape. Only CMG and Apex were really dusty and there were very few people riding early.

    Good times, here are a few pics in no particular order.

  • 07-08-2007
    looks like a blast. Glad to hear you're back on the trail dude!
  • 07-09-2007

    Originally Posted by Err
    looks like a blast. Glad to hear you're back on the trail dude!

    Yeah, a total blast on Saturday although I nearly shite out my liver on the first climb up Spiro's. :p :p Beautiful trails and scenery and some ultra fast singletrack. I can't imagine what the Aspens on John's trail would look like in Fall.

    JMH was an awesome tour guide and his better half is super cool and a fantastic rider as well. I'll post up more pics and a full report from SLC / PC when I get home tomorrow night, but I've got more riding to do damn it! See you tonight, Err! :thumbsup:

    JMH flowing through the Aspen's on John's trail. As you can see, really showing the effects from his collarbone. ;)

    Carla ripping it up.

    Martin railing a turn:

  • 07-09-2007
    Great pics!!

    Martin - I knew you looked familiar when I saw this picture. You were actually one of the sweeps on my Sunday ride at Deer Valley with the Dirt Series women's camp. I stayed at the back of the pack quite a bit (to avoid some of the carnage), and rode a Kona Stinky Deluxe.

    Hope you had a great trip to Utah, and your lady friend enjoyed the camp!!