Park City/ Deer Valley - need special route suggestion-
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    Park City/ Deer Valley - need special route suggestion

    I am staying in Deer Valley over the weekend and have been granted one afternoon of riding on Sunday by my wife. I have ridden in the area a couple times, but I have special limitations on this trip. I am 12 weeks post major scapula fracture from an MTB crash and am not quite cleared to descend, particularly anything rough. I was thinking of riding up Armstrong, Mid-Mountain, and all the way past Shadow Lake to the Guardsman Pass, then taking the road down. Deer Valley would be a bit more convenient, but I would like more climbing and I think the roads stop mid-mountain near Stein Erickson (?). Any thoughts or suggestions would be most appreciated.


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    Take mid mountain all the way to silver lake. You can then either take the road down, or head down Tour des Homes. TdH is a trail, but mostly dirt road and if you manage your speed it won't be worse than riding mid mountain. That'll drop you to lower deer valley / snow lodge and you have an easy road ride back to old town.

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    I think your original idea is a good one if you're trying to maximize your climbing. To TechniKal's point - much of PCs trails are pretty smooth...and if you take easy, you might be fine to stick to trails.

    Anyway, a few notes:
    To get to Shadow Lake, either use the upper part of Crecent Mine Grade+Keystone or take MM all the way to Tommy 2 steps. ( there will be some descending on the MM, but not much and you'll just have to take it easy ) There are other ways, but those are my favs.

    Also - the top 300 meters of the guardsman road back down are relatively rough and steep, but if you take it easy there, it smooths out (you will even have to pedal a bit to get back to Empire pass before coming back down towards DV )

    Note that the road goes all way back to PC, unless you turn on Royal Street. Check google maps/skidmap for the route depending on where you're trying to end up.

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    Thanks, guys. Both helpful suggestions. I like the idea of finishing back in Deer Valley rather than riding the road around from downtown PC...I did not realize that you could connect via Royal if I do decide to ride past Shadow Lake...the Skidmap site helps a lot.

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